ThermIQ-MQTT ->ThermIQ-Room upgrade kit

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Upgrade your ThermIQ-MQTT interface to ThermIQ-Room

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Upgrade your ThermIQ-MQTT to ThermIQ-Room. The upgrade kit consists of the new thermostate interface and the firmware update needed to control it.

If your current version of ThermIQ-MQTT is fw 1.xx you need to send your ThermIQ-MQTT to us for upgrade.

If yu have fw 2.xx you can also choose to install the interface yourself. The installation requires soldering skills to attach four new wires to the existing board, similar to the current interface.


Please state which fw version you have and if you want to do the upgrade yourself in the comments field in the ordering process

It is not possible to use the Thermia indoor thermostate together with ThermIQ-Room

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