ThermIQ-Room + ThermIQ2-Web

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ThermIQ-MQTT interface for most models of Danfoss/Thermia heatpumps
Includes ThermIQ2-WEB

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ThermIQ-Room provides the same functionality as ThermIQ-MQTT with the addition of emulating an indoor thermostate. This makes it possible to set the actuall temperature with an MQTT message and allow the heatpump to adjust the demand curve based on a facts, not only the guess based on outdoor temperature and return temperatures. ThermIQ-Room connects both to the EXT interface and to the thermostate interface of your heatpump.

ThermIQ-Room works with almost all Thermia and Danfoss heatpumps with graphical display produced after 2012 except for Atec/DHP-AQ, DHP-IQ, DHP-M Thermia Diplomat Inverter

At least the following modells can controlled and logged with ThermIQ-Room

* Danfoss DHP series (Except DHP-Aq)
* Thermia G3
* Thermia Diplomat/Optimum G3
* Thermia Diplomat Optimum G2
* Thermia Diplomat Duo Optimum G2
* Thermia Diplomat Duo Optimum
* Thermia Diplomat Optimum
* Thermia Diplomat Duo
* Thermia Diplomat
* Thermia Atria Duo Optimum
* Thermia Atria Optimum
* Thermia Atria Duo
* Thermia Atria


ThermIQ-Room connects to your WiFi network and communicates with an MQTT Broker running either on a RaspberryPI or a Windows PC and provides read and write access to your heatpump using MQTT messages. You also need an USB Power supply able to deliver 1A in order to power ThermIQ-Room .


ThermIQ2-Web provides logging and remote control of your heatpump and is usually run on a Raspberry PI3 or PI4. It comes with a step by step installation.


It is not possible to use either Thermia Online, Thermia Link nor Thermia indoor thermostate together with ThermIQ-Room

Thermia is a part of the Stiebel Eltron group, and uses the Danfoss name on certain markets.

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