1795 SEK per unit

ThermIQ-MQTT works with almost all Thermia and Danfoss heatpumps with graphical display produced after 2012 except for Atec/DHP-AQ, DHP-IQ, DHP-M Thermia Diplomat Inverter

At least the following modells can controlled and logged with ThermIQ-MQTT

* Danfoss DHP series (Except DHP-Aq)
* Thermia G3
* Thermia Diplomat/Optimum G3
* Thermia Diplomat Optimum G2
* Thermia Diplomat Duo Optimum G2
* Thermia Diplomat Duo Optimum
* Thermia Diplomat Optimum
* Thermia Diplomat Duo
* Thermia Diplomat
* Thermia Atria Duo Optimum
* Thermia Atria Optimum
* Thermia Atria Duo
* Thermia Atria


ThermIQ-MQTT  connects to your WiFi network and communicates with an MQTT Broker running either on a RaspberryPI or a Windows PC. You also need an USB Power supply able to deliver 1A in order to power ThermIQ-MQTT.

It is not possible to use either Thermia Online nor Thermia Link together with ThermIQ-MQTT

Thermia is a part of the Danfoss group, and uses the Danfoss name on certain markets.