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    Hej Anders,

    I have the Danfoss DHP-L Opti 10 (model 2018) heatpump with the Danfoss Link controller. According to ThermIQ-MQTT product information it seems not possible to use Danfoss Link together with ThermIQ-MQTT. I have understood that earlier there has been a separate ThermIQ-Link (a different Firmware version?) to enable data logging in parallel to Danfoss Link? I understand that these two controllers would be different systems with the completely different functions. My need would primary be monitoring the system values (logging the data) and possibly control the heatpump ‘Main mode’, ‘Indoor requested temp.’ or ‘Temp. reduction’ values. These controls would be to optimize the usage of the solar surplus electricity.

    So is there any feasible way to get the ThermIQ-MQTT working simultaneously with Danfoss Link controller, at least in the monitoring mode and potentially also to control some simple mode statuses? I suppose the overlapping could be avoided with using different addressing of the devices, but will the Link controller constantly overwrite the mode changes written via the ThermIQ-MQTT? Or is the only way to get the ThermIQ-MQTT working with the heatpump by abandoning the Danfoss Link from the setup (what I don’t want to do for the basic control)..?

    Med vänliga hälsningar, Tero

    Anders a

    Hi Tero,
    You are absolotely right that my previous generation of hardware had an option where you could connect both ThermIQ and Thermia online. This used a a couple of low hw tricks that the old platform could support.

    The new generation, with MQTT support, is based on a completely different platform which unfortunately does not provide the hw tricks needed. Connecting both online and ThermIQ will cause intermittent misses in data.

    In short, there is no feasible way to do this with ThermIQ-mqtt




    Thanks for the prompt answer! Just to make it clear: If I would be limited only to monitoring (reading of register values, never writing anything), even that would not be possible simultaneously with Link and ThermIQ-MQTT?

    Br, Tero

    Anders a

    No that is not possible either

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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