ThermIQ-MQTT/ROOM2 MQTT Messages

ThermIQ-MQTT and ThermIQ-Room will read all registers in the heatpump and send them to your systems MQTT Broker. A message can look something like this:


Topic : ThermIQ/ThermIQ-mqtt/data 
Message: {
"Client_Name": "Thermiq_30AEA413D85C",
"app_info": "ThermIQ-mqtt 1.01",
"reason": "T",
"r00": -3,
"r01": 20,
"r02": 0,
"r7f": 2,
"timestamp": 1547341140

Registers are given  a name consisting of an “r” followed by their hexadecimal adress. Values are displayed as 16-bits signed integers.


A write to the heatpump is performed by sending a message adressed to the heatpump through the MQTT_Broker. A write message can look like this:


Message : {"r32":21}


The same register format is used here, an “r” followed by the hexadecimal address. The value can be given as any proper JSON number that fits into an 16-bit signed integer. The example above will write the value of 21 into register 50 which happens to be the “Indoor target Temperature”. The same message will look like this in MQTTBox: