Leds and status

You will find three LEDs on the ThermIQ pcb and this section describes their functions:

1. The easiest one is the green LED. It simply shows that the board is powered-up, either from the heatpump or from the USB.

2. The red LED marked STATUS indicates in what state the ThermIQ is at the moment by repeating a series of short flashes. The number of flashes in a serie has the following meaning:

1 blink Power on check

2 blink Bootloader mode, ready to upgrade firmware

3 blink Stand-alone logging, and safe to remove and insert SD-card

4 blink Stand alone logging, the SD-card is in use and should not be removed

5 blink USB is connected, serial port and SD-card is active

3. The red LED marked SW (or MS) flashes continuously when communication with the heatpump is ongoing. This should be the case as soon as the heatpump is on and ThermIQ is connected, if not, try powering down both the heatpump and ThermIQ.