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    Anders a

    There is currently a fair availability of ThermIQ-ROOM2 which provides superior possibilities to steer power consumption during the day. This product will be our main product going forward.

    There will unfortunately not be any ThermIQ-mqtt in store until earliest end February 2023, maybe even later than that. Main reason being component shortages but also much less interrest in this product since the introduction of ThermIQ-ROOM2.

    The upgrade kit from ThermIQ-mqtt/ThermIQ-room to ThermIQ-ROOM2 will hopefully be back in beginning of 2023 in order to provide an upgrade path for existing customers.

    We now have stock of extension cables that will simplify if you have tight with space or want to mount ThermIQ on the outside of the heatpump.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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