ThermIQ and Linux

By connecting the ThermIQ interface to a Linux server allowes you to control all of the internal settings of your Thermia heatpump. It also gives you graphical logs of what your heatpump have been doing. You can find a demo of the web-interface here: Web-demo

With some Linux experience it possible to run the ThermIQ software on virtually any Linux distribution, from small NAS-serverrs to a standard PC. Thanks to the open architecture, requiring only a webserver able to interpret php and sqlite3, installation on a new target is possible.

The open standard USB CDC protocol (aka “standard usb serial port”) is used to communicate with the ThermIQ interface which is commonly available as “usbserial” or “usb-serial” module.

Example of Linux machines which have been verified with ThermIQ are:

* Raspberry PI

*LinkSYS NSLU with Unslung, a step by step installation is included in our distribution

* DLink DNS-320,DLink DNS-323 and DLink DNS-325

* Ubuntu on standard PCs


You will find a generic installation description, as well as some specific, in the Linux distribution of ThermIQ. It’s generally a good idea to download and try out the ThermIQ software before buying since most functionallity (except the actual logging) is available without having the ThermIQ interface installed.