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    I’m happy user of ThermIQ Room 2.

    I’d like to hear generic recommendatins for saving energy and for other automation ideas.

    1)If one would control EVU based on electricity cost, do you adjust other parameters (hot water settings, heater limits etc.) as well?

    2) With EVU; is it ok to control it hourly bases – or is it recommended to keep it running with adjacent hours for some minimum amount? Any recommendations how many hours at least it should be up and running per day?

    2) Suggestions for how to get most out of using room sensor? Raising requested temp during low cost electricity and vice versa? Recommended basic values here to get started?

    3) Other ideas? I can control room thermostats, that basically give on/off for blocks for underfloor water heating.

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    Anders a

    1) I’m only using the EVU function as that is easiest

    2) I run it based on hours and terminate an ongoing run. It could make sense to let it complete a run before terminating.

    The amount of hours differs depending on your house and hotwater consumption. If you set it to low you will not be able to maintain the indoor temperature or might get to much variation in room-temperature. Give it to many and you would save less.

    The whole idea is to push consumption to low-cost hours and sacriface by a larger variation in temperature. Actual variation depends on your house’s ability to store energy, kind of like a capacitor smoothing out a voltage variation.

    3) I would try to keep all floors active as much as possible while the heatpump is running.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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