ThermIQ-MQTT/ROOM2 Installation

A complete step-by-step instruction to both sw and hw installation can be found here. Below is a couple of tips how to connect ThermIQ-MQTT and ThermIQ-Room to the heatpump.

  • First step to install ThermIQ-MQTT and ThermIQ-Room in your heatpump is to turn off the main switch and open the front to locate the main control-board.
  • The main control-board is often located on the front behind a black plastic cover. On the top left side of the board you will find a connector labeled EXT to which you should connect the ThermIQ-MQTT/Room.
  • Attach an USB cable and an USB Power adaptor able to deliver around 2A to ThermIQ-MQTT/Room. Make sure the power adaptor is a reliable brand as it will be on continously.
  • Put on front cover and turn on the main switch.

One neat way to power the ThermIQ-MQTT/Room is to put a power outlet or a switched power supply on the DIN rail in the heatpump.

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