ThermIQ provides an interface with which you can connect your Thermia or Danfoss heatpump to your network and your home automation like Home Assistant. Together with our software,ThermIQ2-Web running on a Raspberry PI or a Windows PC, it enables you to get full control of what your Thermia heatpump is doing and how it performs.

With a ThermIQ interface connected to you heatpump and ThermIQ2-Web running on a Raspberry PI or Windows PC you will gain access to all internal measurements and process-parameters directly from the control processor in the heatpump. Our software will present these data as graphs in a webpage. If you want you can change settings and values like wanted temperatures, hot-water production etc from a web browser anywhere on internet. The Raspberry PI/Windows PC runs a webserver which can make a graphical representation of the current mode as well as presenting graphs for all measured parameters over time. You can also setup a warning mail to be sent if any internal alarms are triggered.

There are couple of configurations of the ThermIQ-interface: ThermIQ-MQTT, ThermIQ-Room, ThermIQ-ROOM2,    they all use the public protocol, MQTT, to publish and receive messages and can be  integrated with other home automation programs like Home Assistant (HASS), Domotics, openHab or node-RED. A ready made integration exists for HASS that can be run in parallel with ThermIQ2-Web or standalone.