Compatible heatpumps

Most Danfoss and Thermia heatpumps manufactured since 2008-03-01 can use ThermIQ-MQTT/ROOM/ROOM2 as an alternative logger. At least the following models can use ThermIQ:

  • Danfoss DHP series
  • Thermia G3 series
  • Thermia Diplomat Optimum G2
  • Thermia Diplomat Duo Optimum G2
  • Thermia Diplomat Duo Optimum
  • Thermia Diplomat Optimum
  • Thermia Diplomat Duo
  • Thermia Diplomat
  • Thermia Atria Duo Optimum
  • Thermia Atria Optimum
  • Thermia Atria Duo
  • Thermia Atria

ThermIQ is compatible with you heatpump if it has a controller similar to the one below with an “EXT-connector”

Thermia styr

Heatpumps older than 2008-03-01 with the older, “greenish” display are compatible if you can execute the following in the menu:

  1. Push and hold left and right arrow simulataneously for at least 5 sec until the display shows “Service” on top.
  2. Push “Down arrow” untill you reach item “Installation” then push “Right arrow”.
  3. Push “Down arrow” until you reach item “Node” and change the value to 2 or higher. If it’s already higher then keep the current value.


If you don’t have this menu and your pump is older than 2008-03-01 pump then it’s not compatible with ThermIQ.


The ThermIQ-MQTT interface must be connected as the first interface to the expansion port (EXT-port) of the heatpump, any other expansion board must be connected via the ThermIQ-MQTT interface.

  • ThermIQ-MQTT does not work with Thermia Atlas, Thermia Diplomat Inverter
  • ThermIQ-MQTT does not work together with Thermia Online or Thermia Link.