Updating the ThermIQ-USB/ElectrIQ firmware

The firmware on the ThermIQ, ThermIQ-LINK, ThermIQ-WLAN and ElectrIQ-interfaces can be easily updated by connecting it to a PC.

  1. Push the reset button at the same time as you connect the ThermIQ-interface to your PC.
  2. After a while you will see a sequence of 2 short blinks on the Status LED indicating that the interface now is ready to accept a new firmware.
  3. The PC should recognize the interface and add is as a standard USB drive.
  4. Explore the drive and you should see three files with date and version numbers:


BOOT och CONFIG are read-only. APP is the firmware that can be uppgraded.

Simply drag a new APP_xx.yy file and drop it on the old in order to replace it. You should see the new version when done. If by some reason you would see APP_BAD then repeat the procedure until it works.

When done, delete the BOOT_xx.yy file and ThermIQ will restart with the new firmware!

You can download and unzip the latest fw from the links below: