— at-commands

If you want to you can control ThermIQ from a terminal window like a modem. This way you can write your own application or perform low-level debug.

The following commands are implemented in the latest fw:

atb                         Reboot to bootloader

atba                       Reboot to application

ati                          Return version info

atwxxhhll               Write hhll to register xx

atrxx                      Read from register xx

atrxxyy                   Read from register xx to yy

atrxxyyzzww          Read from register xx to yy and zz to ww

all register and data is given in hex with msb first.

Commands to control the realtime clock in ThermIQ

attg                        Get RTC time

atts                        Set RTC time, atts20090712 12:00:00

attaxx                    Adjust rtc for x-tal drift, signed byte is added to RTCCAL reg, returns new value, xx is signed hex