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    Anders a

    If you have order and received the ROOM2 upgrade please follow this sequence to ensure that no harm is made to the main board (ThermIQ-MQTT/Room)

    1. Turn of your HP and remove the ThermIQ.
    2. If not alread done, please solder the grey/white/blue/liliac cable harness according to instructions
    3. Attach the new ROOM2 module
    4. Connect ROOM2 to the appropriate ports on in the HP (Likely being 303/304/307/308)
    5. Put the ThermIQ back in HP and turn it on
    6. Mail me, address is on the receipt, so that I can enable the right fw for you. I do need the name of the ThermIQ (something like this ThermIQ_AAEE112233)
    7. Do a fw-update through MQTT by sending a message to ThermIQ/ThermIQ-your-nodeid/update
    8. Check the MQTT messages to see that app_info now is ThermIQ-room2

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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