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I’m inte same situatuon as you jarno.makinen. Yesterday installed samba service in the Rasp and made a share to the folder /var/sqlite/, this is where database-files are located.

I then tested som tools to export the data from several old hpdb-flies with for me important historic data since 2012.

First tool I tried was phpLiteAdmin which can be found here. Belongs of 1
one php-file and can support some of the basic tasks with Sqlite. However, import funktion didnt work for me so I decided another litle more comlicated route.

As a Windows user I prefer access data via shares, Therefor I installad Samba package on the rasp including the Web frontend called ”SWAT”

Now a bunch of tools are available that can access data Sqlite file ”hpdb” och export and import data.

However, after finnishing merging the urge amont of data rows into the table ”rawstore”, it’s seens something went wrong and Thermiq can not view it right now. 🙁

The new hpdb-file is about 15 MB. Is it any maximum numbers for the data it contains?