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    I just installed th thermiq link an connected ist with USB to a raspberry pi. The Webinterface works well, the thermiq link is on (green power LED constantly on) and the Status LED is blinking red with 6 blinks. The L2 LED (Communication) is not blinking at all, by pressing the reset button shortly I can change it from red to off. An SD-Card is inserted.

    Connected behind the thermIQ link I have the thermia online module, which works fine.

    The problem is that no data is received in the web interface. I tried to configure the ”Poller settings”, but still none worked.

    actual poller settings:
    poller_ThermIQ active (the other not)
    poller_mode: COM
    com_device: /dev/ttyUSB0 (I already tried 1-3 also)
    ip_adr: IP:

    Unfortunately I did not find any documentation about the poller settings.

    What could be wrong?

    best regards

    Anders a

    First thing is to remove the SD-Card from ThermIQ. It’s no longer used.

    Second thing is to make sure you have the latest Thermiq-firmware. Check the current FW-version under ”Settings/Main”. Current version is ThermIQ2 v4.35 0096. Upgrade if necessary

    Third thing to try is to login to your Raspberry and type
    sudo picocom /dev/ttyUSB0

    This will start a terminal towards the ThermIQ card where you can test it with direct communication.


    To get firmware verion and confirm that USB-com is working

    To confirm communication with the heatpump. If the later fails please check your connections with the heatpump, make sure that the ThermIQ card is in between the main-controller and any extension boards.
    Also do a restart of the heatpump.


    Thank You for Your answer.

    I removed the SD Card and typed the stated commands.

    Firmware Version is ”ThermIQ2 Link v4.35 0096”

    ”atr0010” just gives me 10 lines with ”.” and then ”TO”.

    The ThermIQ card is plugged into the heatpump, on the output of the ThermIQ a Thermia Board called ”Alarm” is connected”, after that the Thermia Online board is then connected (is working properly)

    L2 is slowly blinking, Status is blinking 5 times.

    I restarted the heatpump and even tried to insert the ThermIQ board after the ”Alarm” board and before the Thermia online board. No change.

    Anders a

    You have USB-Com working. You have latest version. And no SD-Card. That’s good.

    L2 blinking means that ThermIQ sees communication between heatpump and Thermia Online. That’s also good but still you get a timeout when trying to talk with the pump.

    Let’s take the support over mail to speed things up.


    Anders a

    This problem was resolved by connecting the cable attached to thermiq directly to the main board of the heatpump. The main board is under a black plastic cover and has a connector marked ”ext”. Any extra boards are then connected to thermiqs connector

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