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    I am not sure whether this is my connection or not (I doubt it, its very quick with everything else) but the website is painfully slow at times. Trying to navigate between pages is pretty bad and the initial page load to completed is about 17000ms as shown in the google developer tools, and a reported 4.5 seconds initial server response time.

    Was a bit frustrating to navigate around to get information.

    On the positive side Thermiq Room2 is working nicely.

    Anders a

    I’m sorry, It’s not your connection but my isp providing sub-performance at a rather high load. Working on it, but they aren’t the most responsive.

    Happy to hear that the ThermIQ is up and running.

    Best Rgds

    Anders a

    Hurray. Thanks Timothy I finally got through to the right support-person at my webhost and with some help I beleive this is fixed!


    I hope it continues like this, because the difference in response time is extremely large compared to before. I thought the WEB server was on a Raspberry 😉

Visar 4 inlägg - 1 till 4 (av 4 totalt)
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